Our mission is to support & advocate for a healthy community

About WCSS


Our Story

In the 80s, Whistler was riding a wave of growth, and then an economic slump slowed things to a halt. Recognizing the ups and downs of living in a resort town, community members came together to open the Whistler Food Bank and start a Christmas hamper program. These visionaries also saw opportunity following the crisis. Instead of using only grants to back the non-profit Whistler Community Services Society, they built a social enterprise to fund programs that respond to the community’s social and emotional wellness needs. The Re-Use-It thrift store opened 20 years ago and is now an economic engine supporting a range of social programs and services while diverting over one tonne every day from landfill.


We support and advocate for a healthy community


We provide inclusive support to build a resilient community


Trust. Respect. Inclusion. Advocacy. Collaboration

Caretakers of Whistler’s social health and wellness since 1989

30+ Years of Impact

Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) has supported Whistler’s social health and wellness since 1989. The thrift store is a powerhouse in Whistler’s circular economy, diverting over a tonne of useful items from landfill each day at its Re-Use-It and Re-Build-It centres. In recent years, proceeds from the Re-Use-It Centre, Re-Build-It Centre and bottle recycling have surpassed $1.5 million. Funds earned from the social enterprise are reinvested back into the community.

As a non-profit with charitable status, we rely on the generosity of volunteers and donors to support community members where they need it most, like the Whistler Food Bank, Outreach Services, Connect Whistler and 20 other programs and services. Learn more about our impact in the following reports.

Passionate about supporting community

Meet our Team​

We are change-makers, listeners, collaborators, influencers, thrifters and upcyclers. Living in the Sea to Sky corridor, we’re also hikers, bikers, paddlers, skiers, riders, sledders and just generally, nature-lovers. We know the thrill of the treasure hunt – finding that special something at the Re-Use-It Centre for a steal of a deal. We want to keep stuff out of landfill and can’t stand letting something useful go to waste. We can relate to the ups and downs of living in a resort town; and our goal is to meet individuals wherever they’re at. Our front-line staff is trained to listen and offer support for those who need it most.

Meet the WCSS leadership team and contact us to learn how we support our community.

Imagine Canada accredited non-profit

WCSS Board of Directors

Our board is known for hard work, dedicated support and a tireless enthusiasm to make our community a better place. In particular, our board of directors have worked continuously through this pandemic. At this time, and every year, we are so very grateful for their commitment. They have put strong policies and guidelines in place for governance, fiscal responsibility, transparency, and they actively provide mentorship to our leadership team.

Chair: Steve Aikins
Vice Chair: Karen Wanger
Treasurer: Alistair Cray
Governance Committee Chair: Diana Chan
Secretary: Leah Morrison

Board Members: Emily Dicken, Samuel Robertson

RMOW Council Representatives: Jessie Morden and Cathy Jewett
Executive Director: Jackie Dickinson

WCSS has been accredited by Imagine Canada, which outlines a set of Canada-wide standards for charities and non-profits designed to strengthen capacity in: board governance, financial accountability and transparency, fundraising, staff management and volunteer involvement.

Contact our Board of Directors

Board Chair: Steve Aikins chair@mywcss.org


Executive Director: Jackie Dickinson 604-932-0113
Director of Operations: Kara Bayley
Finance: Jason Fleming

Become a Board Member

Applications open until May 10, 2021.


WCSS prides itself on a high level of transparency and governance. For information on any of our policies or procedures please call the WCSS office at 604-932-0113 or email admin@mywcss.org.

In addition to the regular business of an AGM, the Board of Directors will be proposing the following resolution:
  • Part 4.1 of the Bylaws of the Society be amended by removing the sentence “The RMOW appointees will not be eligible to vote”
  • The Bylaws of the Society be altered accordingly, and Taylor Hanscom, Finance Manager, as agent for the Society be authorized to file a Bylaw Alteration Application, together with an updated set of Bylaws, to reflect the amendment as approved by these resolutions. 
  • As a condition of this resolution the alteration to the Bylaws of the Society referred to above does not take effect until the Bylaw Alter Application and the updated bylaws referred to in the preceding paragraphs takes effect.;
  • Any Director of the Society is authorized and directed to sign all documents and to dal all things necessary or desirable as may be required to give effect to the true intent of these resolutions.