We are here to listen and support

Outreach Services

At WCSS, our team of Outreach Workers provide no-cost, confidential support for those experiencing challenges with mental health, financial insecurity, advocacy, physical health and injury, housing, food insecurity, substance use, employment, family/friend relationships, parenting support or violence/conflict in relationships.

Typically, our team is mobile, and can reach clients wherever they are. Our services are offered in person and virtually but let us know what you need. We are all in this together and our Outreach team wants to help. It’s ok to not to be ok. We are here to listen and offer support.

If you feel you are in crisis, please contact the BC Crisis Line at 1-866-661-3311 (toll-free).

Meet the Outreach team

Erin Harrison-Bray



Erin Harrison-Bray began volunteering with the WCSS in the summer of 2019 which ignited an aspiration to shift into social services full time. Erin is originally from South Australia and made the permanent move to Whistler 8 years ago. She loves to travel and to meet people from all corners and all walks of life. Erin is co-facilitating The Peer Educator and Healthy Choices Programs to assist in providing helpful resources to the community and to offer support to Whistler and surrounding areas youth.  She is committed to eliminating stigmas around mental health and to have a positive and welcoming impact on the community. Her mental health trainings include, Mental Health First Aid, Safe Talk, Asist (suicide prevention training) Approachable adult training, Trauma informed Practice Through a Cultural Lens.

Jonathan Eastwell



Jono’s ethos is to treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. He is a friendly and outgoing team member who offers non-judgemental and open minded support. He moved to Whistler in 2009 and is passionate about the Whistler community and the diverse people that make it special. His background in psychology and outdoor education with social and emotional goals has given him a solid understanding in the importance of mental health. Throughout his career he has implemented a number of community service projects which have shown the unique and continually changing needs every community faces. Jono offers a range of support through reflective and active listening in hopes to facilitate self-healing and growth or to simply to connect the person to the support or resources they may need.

Carla Royal

Outreach Worker


Carla’s mission as an Outreach Worker is to support, listen and to work with you to find the resources that you need to move forward. She is trained as a doula, childbirth educator, Safe Talk, ASIST (suicide prevention training), Mental Health first aid, Standard First Aid, Postpartum Group Facilitator Training, Registered Yoga Teacher 200hr (RYT). She leads the Birth, Baby and Beyond, Postpartum Group and Prenatal Support Group with a strong focus on maternal wellness.  As a mother of two and a Whistler local since 2003, she is passionate about our community and loves helping build the strength of its members.

Dan Knox

Outreach Worker


Dan has been working as an outreach worker for WCSS since December 2018. He is passionate about supporting vulnerable community members including Whistler’s unhoused population, those struggling with mental health challenges and addiction. Dan has coordinated the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program for WCSS for the past 2 years and can provide assistance with filing taxes, as well as applying for government assistance programs. He has an Education degree as well as mental health training including Safe Talk, ASIST (suicide prevention training), Mental Health First Aid.

Izumi Inoue

Outreach Worker


Izumi fell in love with the strength of the community of Whistler, where people help and care for each other. Her life experience and previous work supporting immigrants in this community have led her to understand the importance of advocating and the need to have a diverse, equitable and inclusive community where people feel safe and know that their voices are valued. She nurtures those goals in her own practice, offering culturally aware and inclusive support to clients, without judgment. Izumi immigrated to Whistler in 2004 and is grateful to be raising teenagers in this beautiful land, where she is committed to the lifelong educational journey of a settler to learn about Indigenous people, their culture, their history and their relationship to the land. She is trained in Mental Health First Aid, Allyship for Racism, Understanding Stigma, Racial Literacy.

Ingrid VanderWey

Healthy Choices Facilitator


Ingrid came to Whistler to experience life in the mountains and ended up finding a place to call home. After working in the hospitality industry for many years she wanted to become more involved in the community and help encourage people to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. She began volunteering at the Food Bank in 2020 and is now the Healthy Choices Facilitator at WCSS. Ingrid brings a passion for nutrition, nature and ending the stigma towards mental health challenges. She holds a bachelor of Social Sciences, is a Certified Life Coach as well as having completed her mental health first aid course.

Chris de Beer

Outreach Worker


Chris aims to cultivate an environment where people feel safe and comfortable, no matter where they are on their life’s journey, through empathy and non-judgmental support. Before moving to Whistler 7 years ago, he experienced many different cultures when backpacking around the world. Inspired by the connections he made with people from all walks of life, he advocates for the expression of individuality, while recognizing we are all connected as human beings. Chris studied psychology and is passionate about reducing the stigma of mental health, and recognizes connection to the natural world as fundamental to our wellbeing. 

Lisa Coulter

Outreach Program Manager


Lisa has been with WCSS since May 2018 and prior to that worked as an Outreach Worker for Whistler Blackcomb. She also works as a youth Bike Coach and Ski Instructor. She is originally from Ontario and has a background in psychology. She is passionate about working alongside folks of all backgrounds in supporting them to make positive changes in their lives and navigating the resources available to them. Lisa helps to coordinate Alphabet Soup, a local LGBTQ2S+ group, the Concussion Support Group, Connect Whistler and the newly created Quaranteens program. She is trained in Safe Talk, ASIST (suicide prevention training) and Mental Health First Aid.

Outreach Program Partners