Recycle containers for community good

Refundables Recycling

Everyone has a blue bin in their home and more than ever, we know what can be recycled. Choose to give your bottles, cans and containers a second life. Did you know that refundables donated at WCSS locations in Function Junction and Nesters Road are cashed in to help fund our work in Whistler? 

In 2021, over $180,000 was collected to support social good in your backyard, programs and services like the Food Bank, Outreach Services and the Parenting Support Group. Contact Re-Build-It on 604-932-1125 or if you think your business or strata would like to do a weekly donation and have your refundables picked up.

Take a look at what can be cashed in for refunds that support social good:

Here's what can be recycled in support of WCSS