COVID-19 Resources


The Whistler Food Bank is offering food deliveries to those who are in isolation, waiting for test results or have tested positive. Please note it will be a 24 -48  hour turnaround time. We provide enough food (perishable and non-perishable for 5 days and can provide another delivery if you are in need). We support all food allergies, diets and restrictions so please let us know.  Please call our main office at 604-932-0113 to book in. Individuals can make a call on behalf of their own direct household (roommates) who may also be isolating.

Hygiene Kits

Hygiene Kits are provided with food bank deliveries and contain all necessary items to safely isolate in your home from your family or housemates. They include disposable masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes, toiletries and toilet paper all in an effort to keep you home and staying put. To order one please contact our office from Monday to Saturday at 9am-4:30pm at 604-932-0113.

You Talk and We Listen!

WCSS provides free, confidential, virtual Support with a WCSS Outreach Worker. Are you in isolation and looking for support in the areas of finances, mental health, food insecurity or help filling out government assistance applications? Please book in with an Outreach Worker for free here, or call our office at 604-932-0113 if it is more urgent.

How to Self Isolate