What is Partnership Policing?


Over the course of the pandemic, the Whistler RCMP has discussed its growing emphasis on what it calls “partnership policing,” a more proactive approach to law enforcement that sees the detachment collaborating with local non-profits and health providers.

But, according to Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) executive director Jackie Dickinson, it is a strategy that was in use locally well before COVID-19 hit. 

“I think it’s really interesting that now that’s become more formalized and we’ve added language to it, but honestly, I would say in my time working for Whistler Community Services, that’s the approach we’ve always had,” she said. “It’s always been an example of partnership policing, and I say that in a genuine way. We work with the Whistler RCMP on a variety of different initiatives, with a real focus and goal to always be looking at the well-being of the people we connect with.”……read the full article here.