Thank You Rotary Club of Whistler


On Monday March 7th the Rotary Club of Whistler donated $11, 200.00 to WCSS to enable space for the Children’s Lunch Program perishable foods. This WCSS program supplies nutritional courtesy lunches and snacks to all the 5 schools in Whistler so that no child will be hungry while they are attending school. Small fridges are in the classrooms and are filled to times a week.

The Rotary Club became aware of the limited refrigeration space during the pandemic and fundraised for these fridges. WCSS is very grateful for this community effort to ensure our children are all well fed and nourished at school. Food insecurity comes in many forms, not just forgotten lunches, and we are proud to be able to support our children and youth in their learning environments.

Pictured left to right Jackie Dickenson, Executive Director of WCSS, Fraser Carey, Food Security for WCSS: Gill Forester, President of the RCOW: Janice Lloyd and Ken Martin ( key workers for this project) .