Call for Artists


Artwork for Cube Truck Wrap 

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Fri January 20, 2023


RFP Contact Name:Lori Pyne
Contact Address:Whistler Community Services Society 8000 Nesters Rd
Telephone Number:604-932-0113


Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) invites and welcomes proposals for Artwork submissions for their new Re-Build-It Cube truck wrap project. The Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) has supported Whistler’s social health and wellness since 1989. The thrift store it started is now a powerhouse in Whistler’s circular economy, diverting over a tonne of useful items from landfill each day at its Re-Use-It and Re-Build-It Centres. Funds earned from the social enterprises are reinvested back into the community. A non-profit with charitable status, it relies on the generosity of volunteers and donors to support community members where they need it most, like the Whistler Food Bank, Outreach Services, Connect Whistler and 30 other programs and services


The bid proposal is being requested for Re-Build-It Cube Truck which is located at Function Junction and travels throughout the valley collecting refundable beverage containers to raise money for community programming in Whistler.


The objective and ultimate goal for this project is to illustrate and help communicate how broadly we serve the community; environmentally and socially.



The following timeline has been established to ensure that our project objective is achieved; however, the following project timeline shall be subject to change when deemed necessary by management.

Conceptual Sketch DATEDATE of installation completed by
January 20, 2023March 1, 2023


Only those proposals received by the stated deadline will be considered. All proposals submitted by the deadline will be reviewed and evaluated based upon information provided in the submitted proposal. In addition, consideration will be given to cost and performance projections.

WCSS shall reserve the right to cancel, suspend, and/or discontinue any proposal at any time they deem necessary or fit without obligation or notice to the proposing bidder/contractor.


The following is a list of information that the Bidder should include in their proposal submission:

Summary of Bidder Background

  • Bidder’s Name(s)
  • Bidder’s Address
  • Bidder’s Contact Information (and preferred method of communication)
  • Evidence of established track record for providing services and/or deliverables that are the subject of this proposal
  • Any online portfolios

 Proposed Outcome

  • Summary of timeline and work to be completed.

Cost Proposal Summary and Breakdown

  • A detailed list of any and all expected costs or expenses related to the

proposed project. (not including the wrap.  Artwork and proper resolution for truck wrap)

  • Summary and explanation of any other contributing expenses to the total cost.
  • Brief summary of the total cost of the proposal.

Creative Brief for Project

  • We are looking to help tell the story of what we do
  • We would like to explore an aerial view or perspective of our valley including our locations and other partners, being sensitive to the First Nations territories that we conduct our programming and our work
  • We have a selection of branded colours that we would like to use but are not limited to:

             Primary colours:     

                DARK BLUE HEX #00557a CMYK 97 66 32 13 RGB 0 85

                  CASCADE BLUE HEX #038bc8 CMYK 81 34 2 0 RGB 3 139 200

                  TURQUOISE HEX #36ba98 CMYK 71 0 53 0 RGB 54 186 152

                  GREY HEX #4d4d4f CMYK 0 0 0 85 RGB 77 77 79

                  Secondary colours:

                  RED HEX #c74527 CMYK 16 87 100 5 RGB 199 69 39

                  MUSTARD HEX #c59c2c CMYK 23 36 100 2 RGB 197 156 44

  • This truck has been generously made possible by The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation

For our style guide including colours, keywords and descriptors that further capture what we do contact

We enthusiastically welcome applications from all qualified people, including those with lived experience, racialized people, people of all sexual orientations, women and people who identify as transgender or nonbinary, Indigenous peoples, those with diverse abilities, mental illness, and from all social strata.