WCSS Mental Health Ambassador Program (formerly Peer Educators)

Who is it for?

For those living in Whistler and surrounding area who are interested in learning how to provide empathetic, thoughtful, meaningful, and resourceful support to those around you, while  increasing your knowledge of local mental health resources. Participants of this program will learn about a variety of mental health support tools and resources, receive training in opioid overdose prevention, and hear from guest speakers about what mental health support in our community looks like.
After completing this program, we hope that our Ambassadors will feel confident in spotting signs and symptoms of mental health challenges, and will be able to confidently support their family, peers, coworkers, and community members with the material that they’ve learnt.
Sometimes the hardest word to say is ‘help’; let’s learn how to make that conversation easier.

Date & TIMES

We will be offering TWO Spring Sessions in the format of two 4-hour days. In order to complete this program, you must be available both days of the session.
Winter 2024 session: January 18th and 19th, 12pm to 5pm
Spring 2024 session: Date TBD

What You Will Receive

Through interactive learning based on the Katz-Amsterdam Foundation model of Peer Support, we will teach you how to spot signs of mental health challenges, the importance of harm reduction, how to be an empathetic listener, how to be an ally in mental health, and best practices for self care.

Our aim is that every participant who completes this program will be able to take what they’ve learnt and apply it to their daily lives through fostering healthy, meaningful connections for Whistler residents.

How to register

Please connect with Shalissa at shalissa@mywcss.org with any questions to register, or for more information.

Program supporters

Mental Health Ambassador Program - Jul 2023