Answers To You Food Bank Donation Questions


There are many ways to donate to your local food bank. You can donate:

*Money, Your time as a volunteer, or you can donate food.

If you have food to donate, we have drafted up a helpful list of items that we need the most! 

We CAN take:

*Any canned/ bottled/ boxed food that is less than one year out of date. Best Before dates are not expiry dates and most products have a longer shelf life than their best before dates.- prepared food from a grocery store or restaurant. ( Must be prepared in kitchen with a Food Permit) 

We are most IN NEED of:

*Canned fruit, Canned vegetable, Rice, Pasta, Pasta Sauces, Cereal, Healthy Kids Snacks, Dried Beans, Instant Meals Kraft Dinner, Chilis and stews etc), Coffee, Tea.

We can even take perishable donations like eggs, milk, bread, and fresh produce. If you have items like this to donate please contact our Food Bank Coordinator, Sara Jennings at 604-932-0113. 

*Items that are over a year past their expiration date, cans that are dented, bulging or rusty, any boxes or bags that are open, Items that have a severe amount of damage, Food that has been canned or prepared in a home kitchen, Items that have no expiration date (the only exception is canned goods).

We CANNOT take:

Food banks have to compost, recycle, and dispose of items that are past their expiry date which takes up a lot of staff and volunteer time so we very much appreciate it when you go through your items carefully before donating. Help us reduce waste by feeding people rather than the landfill! 

Thank you to all who donate their time, food, and money, we couldn’t do it without you!