Re-Love-It Online Store

Recognizing the growing trend for secondhand fashion, WCSS projects the new store will generate additional funds to support an increased demand for its social programs.
The Re-Use-It team jumped at the chance to build an online store when the province announced its Launch Online Grant Program to fund the new enterprise’s launch. Many of the clothing donations dropped at the Re-Use-It have tags still on, designer labels, vintage cachet or a one-of-a-kind appeal. Knowing that these items are in demand, they are now available exclusively online at the Re-Use-It store.  With the inclusion of an online store, this program promotes accessibility to people who are not comfortable shopping in our stores for a number or reasons and it offers a platform to sell our goods in a digitized format in case of future service disruption.  The Re-Use-It and Re-Build-It will continue to offer cheap, affordable, gently used items; where the Re-Use-It store will highlight unique finds at sensible prices.