How to Run a Successful Food Drive

Step 1:

If you are going to collect cash during the food drive, please fill out a 3rd Party Fundraiser Agreement. It is a very simple document that explains everything you need to know about collecting funds for a charity. Email for a copy of the agreement.

Step 2: Develop an idea:
  • Run a retail store? Offer discounts, a prize draw, or other incentives for donations to the Food Bank or pick a product where a percentage of funds from its sale will go to the Food Bank.
  • Work with a larger employer? Consider having different departments compete against each other to see who can raise the most money or collect the most food. Offer a prize to the winning team.
  • Are you a teacher or coach? Put a notice in your school newsletter or team e-blast. Consider each class/team running individual Food Drives and having the class that collects the most food winning a fun prize.
  • Having a Christmas Party, Birthday Party or just getting together with friends? Have guests bring a donation instead of a gift or as a ‘ticket’ to your get together.
Step 3: Promote your idea:
  • Put out a box in a high traffic location to remind employees, clients or guests that you are having a food drive. The flashier and the bigger the box the more people will notice it, and don’t forget to mark on the box what it is for.
  • For Food Drives at staff parties it helps to provide an extra incentive to get people to remember to bring food with them. Provide free entry or a free food or drink voucher with their donation.
  • Contact Food Bank Coordinator, Sara Jennings for the Food Bank Logo and for the Much Needed Food List to help promote your food drive.
Step 4: Deliver Donation OR Have it Picked Up
  • Get in touch with Food Bank Coordinator before or after your food drive to coordinate a drop off time or pick up time and location.
Step 5: Thank You’s
  • Thank your staff who helped with the drive and those who gave to the food drive.

For any Food Bank inquiries, please call Gizem, our Food Bank Coordinator at 604-935-7717 or email