Crankworx is coming back to town which means Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) Food Bank is running our Foodworx competition again.

What is Foodworx…

Foodworx is a friendly competition between local businesses to collect the largest amount of funds and food for our Food Bank. The winner is judged by the ratio of funds and food weight per employee collected between August 9 to August 18. So, even if you are a small business it is a level playing field!

The winner will be crowned Foodworx champion, a title only Joyride competitors could dream of.
The joyride of giving back to the community…

Your company’s challenge…

Raise the largest amount of funds and food per employee.

In accepting this challenge, we can…..
Offer insanely good prizes for your staff, bonus incentive surprises during competition (for example, VIP Joyride tickets) and make you look damn fine on social media.

Bonus offer for month of June…

In addition, when your business signs up, we can offer you and your team a session on how to navigate life in Whistler.

Whistler has got it goin’ on! But to keep it going on we all need a little support sometimes. Healthy Choices is a free program offered by WCSS to create the space to chat about mental health, well-being, and self-care. Our Healthy Choices Coordinator and Outreach Team can facilitate a 30 minute informal, relaxed and responsive session for staff and/or separate 30 minute session for supervisors and management . First come first serve.
Email to book your spot.

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