The Whistler Orthopaedic Rehab Program (WORP) is a collaboration between Whistler Community Services Society, Sea to Sky Orthopaedic and local physiotherapists Sarah O’Byrne and Nicole Heisterman. It is designed to help financially restricted Whistler residents attend group based rehabilitation physiotherapy at a reduced rate. Individuals can access the program by seeing a Medical Doctor or Physiotherapist for referral.

Who: Individuals who are financially restricted and would benefit from group rehab physiotherapy after an injury and/or surgery.

Why: To return the client back to work and sport in a cost effective and timely manner.

What: The cost for the rehab program is $270.00 paid directly to the physiotherapists in two payments of $135.00 due at session one and session ten. This amount works out to a cost of $15.00 per session. The entry fee for Meadow Park Sports Centre can be paid with a drop in fee, regular pass or P.L.A.Y. credit if eligible. (visit for more information).

When: The program is ongoing and requires a referral from a medical doctor or physiotherapist. It runs three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) 12pm-1:30pm for a total of 18 sessions.

WhereMeadow Park Sports Centre and patient referral and pre-registration is required.

How: Connect with your medical doctor or physiotherapist for a referral to the program.  Individuals can learn more about the program and determine if they financially qualify by calling an Outreach Worker at Whistler Community Services Society at 604-932-0113.

To learn more about the financial criteria and the program please contact a Whistler Community Services Society Outreach Worker at 604-932-0113.