In the spring of 2018, WCSS will move to a new, more central location, expanding accessibility to our programs and services and ensuring we continue to be a place of community connection.

We invite you to support the development of a new home for Whistler’s community services.

Give a little or give a lot. Every bit helps!

The new building will provide:
Over 10,000 square feet of space for public services.
A central and accessible location for critical services such as the food bank and Re-Use-It Centre.
More effective integration of WCSS and its programs into the municipality.


Yoga: “Finding the Balance Yoga has been so good for my body and soul. I have a number of physical and mental issues and this program has helped me focus on my overall health. The instructors design the practice to suit needs of the participants. Thank you WCSS and the American Friends of Whistler for offering this valuable program in our community. Just one more reason Whistler’s such a wonderful place to live and play.”

School Lunch Fund: “This past school year my family was able to benefit from the School Lunch Fund. The year was very financially straining and with a young girl in a new school, I knew she would want to fit in with her peers. The lunch fund helped me save on food costs, and made sure my daughter didn’t feel excluded. Thank you.”

Birth, Baby & Beyond: “I am so grateful to have been a part of the Birth, Baby, and Beyond program at a crossroads in our family’s life. I had a series of traumatic experiences during and immediately following the birth of our first child. Thanks to this program, I was able to soothe my residual fears, manage my emotional triggers, and approach my second birthing experience from a place of joy and acceptance. Furthermore, I believe participation in this program was a key reason why I did not have any symptoms of post-partum depression following this pregnancy, as I had in my last. I am so thankful that our family transitioned from a family of three to a family of five (we had twins!) far more smoothly than I ever dared hope.”

Counselling Assistance: “I was lucky enough to be helped by Whistler Community Services Society when I was in my most dire need for help. As much as I and everyone else here love Whistler, it isn’t safe from some of the evils in the world. I was sexually assaulted and it took a week before a friend referred me to WCSS. It was the longest, blurriest week of my life, and when I met my outreach worker some of the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. She was a huge help and the biggest help was assisting me to see a Counsellor. I was able to choose one that I felt safe and comfortable seeing, and was told I could change at any time if I wasn’t feeling comfortable with that particular Counsellor. She even rang to make an appointment to make it as easy as possible for me. Straight away I was worried about the cost. I had two part-time jobs; one that earned minimum wage ($10.25/hr) and one that earned a couple of dollars more an hour. I couldn’t afford to spend money on something unexpected like this. I can’t emphasise enough how much this program helped me. I would hate for anyone else in a similar situation not to be able to see a Counsellor just because of money. I can’t imagine how much harder that situation would’ve been to cope with if I hadn’t had access to affordable counselling. Thank you for providing such a wonderful and necessary service.”


* Whistler Blackcomb Foundation will match all donations to a campaign limit of $100,000.